EPI will do its utmost to provide audits and audit reports which are meeting the high-quality requirements which can be expected from a Certification Body (CB). However, audits are based on sampling and some audit criteria might be partially subjective. Should an organisation not agree with the auditors’ findings then an appeal can be filed to request an impartial review.


How to file an appeal

The most efficient way to file an appeal is by writing us at; support@epi-certification.com It would be useful, though not required, to put the term ‘Appeal’ in your subject field.

If for any reason you are not able to write an email, then you can also send a complaint by registered mail to


Ref; Appeal

37th Floor, Singapore Land Tower
50 Raffles Place
Singapore 048623


The appeal should have at a minimum the following information

  • name of person filing the appeal, his/her designation and company;
  • the scheme relating to the appeal;
  • details of appeal should, where possible, include objective evidences to support the appeal;
  • date of signatory of the appeal.


IMPORTANT NOTE; anonymous appeal submissions will not be taken into consideration


Follow-up on your appeal

An acknowledgement will be sent to the you within 2 working days from receipt of your appeal.

Your appeal will be reviewed by the Appeal Committee. This committee, comprising of independent members who are representing the industry, is tasked to investigate, evaluate and decide within 30 working days.  The outcome of the decision will be one of the followings

  1. Reject the appeal; or
  2. Uphold the appeal and instruct EPI-Certification to take relevant actions.

The appellant will be informed of the outcome of the investigation, any necessary actions to be taken and the final decision made regarding the appeal. 

The decision by the Appeal Committee shall be final.


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