Policy Statement

The entire management and staff are fully committed to the implementation and maintenance of Quality Manual described herein to assure all internal and external customers that the best services will be provided.



The policy statement is as follows:

“To assist customers in achieving excellence in business systems through management systems certification. We ensure competency and instil impartiality in the services we render to our customers.”

It is paramount to maintain impartiality in the course of certification to ensure services rendered do not undermine our values and integrity within the organisation and industries. However, when required by law or authorized by contractual arrangements to release confidential information, the client concerned shall, unless prohibited by law, be notified of the information provided. We define strategies and design appropriate programmes and procedures to achieve our policy and to ensure impartiality. We are committed to delivering impartial third-party audits to our clients based on ISO/IEC 17021-1, ISO/IEC 17021-2, ISOI/IEC 17021-3, ISO/IEC 17021-10, ISO/IEC 27006 and other requirements. We provide our staff with a working environment in which professionalism, appropriate knowledge and skills can flourish. We make cost-effective, use of the resources entrusted to us so as to ensure our certified companies will benefit from the management system certification.

EPI aims to provide trust and confidence to all its interested parties that its management system fulfils specified requirements. Parties that have an interest in certification include, but are not limited to:

  1. Legal and regulatory authorities
  2. Suppliers, contractors and subcontractors
  3. Workers’ organizations and employer’s organization
  4. Customers, medical and other community services, NGO and media
  5. OHS organizations, healthcare professionals


Policy: Confidentiality

All information in relation to activities of companies certified shall remain confidential at all times except for information that is made publicly accessible by the client. All staff shall not reveal information and knowledge gained from any company without the written consent of the companies.

EPI will publish the Company name, contact and address, certification scheme, scope of certification date of certification expiry date on its website to enable other individuals and organizations to validate the certification info.

However, if required by law, EPI will release confidential information to relevant authorities but will notify of the information provided to the client unless the prohibited by the law.

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